Dan Hirschhorn is a reporter, writer and journalist who was born and raised in Philadelphia. A true lover of his hometown, Dan grew up in Center City, attending local schools his whole life before leaving only for college.

After graduating from Brandeis University in May 2007, Dan, a fanatic for newspapers, chose to practice journalism back in Philadelphia, where he spent a year at The Bulletin, a Monday-Friday broadsheet here, before leaving to join PolitickerPa.com, a political news Web site. He later launched pa2010.com, which quickly became the state's go-to authority for Pennsylvania political insiders, attracting more than 25,000 unique monthly visitors who make up the state's most influential audience.

More than anything else, Dan is endlessly idealistic and passionate about the craft of journalism, and its valuable place in a democratic society.

He believes it is an art one can never master, one that can only be bettered through an undying commitment to self-examination and solicitation of criticism. He works by a code of strict journalistic and moral ethics. And he sees objectivity, as impossible as it is for any human being to truly attain, as a worth aspiration.

An extremely hard worker with an obsession for accuracy, Dan is not just a talented reporter and writer, but also a versatile asset to any newsroom, capable of a multitude oo editorial and production tasks.

With a strong belief that journalists should be passionate about the communities they cover, Dan brings that attitude to every assignment, be it in Philadelphia or elsewhere.